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Vintage Yardstick Arrows

As Mr. TBG and I continue to settle into life after the fire with the realization that we will be in our rental a bit longer than expected, I find that quick little projects focused on making this place seem more "homey" are great therapy.  I desperately want to start building our home, but due to recent debacles (aka building code upgrades = RED TAPE), we haven't been able to submit our house plans yet. In fact, I kinda feel like shooting some REAL arrows at people these days!  Just kidding!  We are all doing the best we can in the wake of this disaster. :)


This project is quick & easy!  I had lots of scraps left over from my yardstick table and thought they would make fun wall art.  I had an idea, and after doing a little searching on Pinterest, I found that someone else had the same idea, too!  Head on over to Finding Home Farms for a step-by-step on how to cut yardsticks using a hand saw.  She has a great tutorial and I used her pics as inspiration! However, I got out our big ol' chopsaw to get the job done!

Mr. TBG was NOT happy with me when he found out I used the big saw to cut tiny pieces, but I was careful to keep my fingers away from the blade.  When I met him , he was a shoe repair man and he almost lost his fingers to a grinder, so he is a fanatic about these things!  Anyway, I cut all sorts of little bits...very carefully...then started to put them together:

All I did to attach the pieces was use my trusty glue gun. When I had them how I liked them, I got out my amazing Command velcro strips.  Thank you AGAIN to folks at the 3M Company, who sent me a massive box of free products when they saw one of my post-fire posts about using Command strips in our rental (as a renter, I really love these little strips - there's no wall damage whatsoever).

I decided that I wanted to cross the arrows and hang them in this little corner of our kitchen.  Did you know that crossed arrows are the Native American symbol of friendship? I love that! I like to think of the big arrow as Mr. TBG & the small arrow as me. I hung a little heart mold that I got for FREE at the fire relief center above the two of's to best friends & true love!

If you want to read the mushy story of how we can do that here. No obligation, of course, but it is a fun story! 

I'm so glad I have my best friend by my side as we start from scratch to rebuild our home!  I'm kinda glad that we both don't have permed hair this time 'round, though!  Good lord - we BOTH used to get perms - what were we thinking?!


Thanks for reading & if you'd like to share, please do - links below!  If you come up with any fun project ideas, I'd love to see them!

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