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$5 Tiered Display Stand

Okay, this is definitely not a new idea!  If you search Pinterest, you will find all sorts of versions.  I made one before the fire out of old cake tins and brass candlesticks that I painted a great red color - you can use just about any type of candlestick (or similar item - think of the possibilities!) and plates or platters. I actually have plans to make another one with a cute set of colanders. 

Here's all I did:

I found this great candlestick at the Goodwill for $2, and I cut it in half with our big chop saw.  You can use a hand saw, too!  My candlestick was already painted this silver color, but you can always use a little spray paint to make your find any color you want.

I decided to use tart tins for my "tiers", and they have bottoms that pop out.  So all I did was use a little of my E6000 glue to glue the bottom in place.  I stacked  a bunch of canned goods inside the tin to push it down tightly while the glue dried.  Be sure to let the glue dry overnight!  You can find some tips on using E6000 glue here.

Then I got to work gluing the first tier....and then the second tier..and the third tier.  Be sure to let the glue dry overnight before you add each tier, or you will have a big mess on your hands.  E6000 takes it's time to dry.  Use a little tape to hold the tins in place - it will prevent things from slipping around and drying crooked.  And those canned goods come in handy to weight things down and make sure that the pieces fit together tightly.

And that's it!  Right now, this one is sitting on my bathroom counter (excuse the shadows - the lighting in our rental is not very good).  I had fun fixing it up with a few bathroom essentials and other things.  The birdie on top used to be in my garden - she survived the fire. <3  I love the little metal comb that I picked up at a local antique store for just $1!

If you make one, please share a photo.  I'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy crafting and decorating - 


P.S. If you like it, please share! :)

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