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#4. “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?” Winnie the Pooh

I give up.

I'm not going to write Blog #4. I'm skipping right over it, just like those hard questions on the SAT. I've been working on it for about two weeks now, and I've started... and restarted... and restarted again. At this point on the Fire Survivor timeline (on the day that our house has been completely bulldozed and cleared), words are just hard to come by.

Instead, I'm capturing Mr. TBG's Facebook post that he made last week, for two reasons:

(1) I don't want his post to get lost in "Facebook Land". If you read my first blog, you know that one of the reasons I'm doing this is to preserve memories for future generations. You see, when you feel that all of your memories have been taken from you against your will, there is a desperate need to begin again. He posted this on Facebook, and it is bound to disappear at some point.

(2) I created a "Memory Jar" of all the bits and pieces we salvaged from our home (Thank you to my friend Karol, who also lost her home, for the awesome idea! As you can see, I filled it with all sorts of odds and ends, from GI Joe's arm to my grandma's porcelain doll!), and so Blog #4 was going to be all about memories. However, when I read Mr. TBG's post, I knew that he said what I was trying to say -so much better than I would be able to.

Well, I guess Winnie the Pooh expressed it so much it better than I could, too, when he turned to Piglet and said: "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?" That, my friends, is a beautiful perspective, and something to remember! Anyway, here's that memory jar:

Okay, back to Mr. TBG's post...there are really three reasons why I am posting it, the third being the most important:

(3) I think it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Here it is:

So the only other thing I will add is this: I love Mr. TBG and my boys so much. Our home may be gone and I might continue to break out into tears at the weirdest, most random moments for the next year or so, but that's okay. I was kind of doing that before the fire, because we are about to become empty nesters and I can't bear the thought of CAG moving out. And maybe because I am 45 years old. So this is just one more bump in the road. A bigger bump than anyone should ever have to bear, mind you, but that's okay.

***We got this.***

Thank you to our friend, Kate, for the beautiful panoramic photo

of the site that will once again be our home.

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