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Looking for a particular charm?  My stockpile is always changing, but here's a list of things I usually have in my shop.  Photos coming soon! For now, you can message me and I'll send you a picture.  Don't see what you want?  I can probably get it, or I might already have it - just ask! 


Acorn (light gold color)

Alien (in UFO, silver)

Amour (silver, round charm)

Anchor (silver - large and small) (antique gold - large)

Angel wings (assorted sizes, silver)

Arrow with Heart (silver)

Arrow (antique gold or silver)

Ballet Shoe (silver)

Ball Gown (silver)

Baseball (silver)

Basketball (3d, silver)

Beads (assorted styles and colors, vintage and upcycled)

Bear (CA Golden Bear, silver)

Bee (silver, small) (antique gold, large)

Bird (assorted styles in silver and gold)

Birdhouse (one available, antique gold)

Blowdryer with scissors (great for hairdressers, silver)

Boat (sailboat and speedboat, silver)

Bone (silver)

Bow and Arrow (silver)

Butterfly (silver)

Cactus (silver)

Cat (silver)

Cat Sitting on Moon (silver)

Cheerleader (silver)

Chicken (silver)

Clock (silver)

Coffee/Tea Cup (silver, with sweet heart design)

Compass (silver - large)

Converse Tennis Shoe (silver)

Cowboy themed charms (boots, hats, spurs, etc...assorted colors)

Cross (assorted styles in silver and gold, some vintage)

Daisy (silver)

Daschund (silver)

Dia de los Muertos (silver skulls with flower)

Deer (gold)

Eiffel Tower (silver)

Elephant (silver)

Fairy Sitting on Moon (silver)

Fireman Helmet (silver)

First Place Ribbon (silver)

Flip Flops (assorted colors)

Florida State Charm (one available)

Flying Pig (cute and tiny! antique gold)

Football (silver)

Footprints (two styles, silver)

Four Leaf Clover (silver and gold)

Gears and Washers (assorted sizes, gold and silver)

Giraffe (silver)

Gnome (silver)

High Heel Shoe (silver)

Hamsa Hand (assorted styles, silver)

Hearts (gold, silver, assorted styles and sizes)

Hope Ribbon (silver)

Hope, Faith, Love (printed on silver ring)

Horse (silver)

Hummingbird (small, gold and silver)

Ice Skates (silver)

Jet (silver)

Ladybug (silver)

Lantern (silver)

Life Preserver (gold, silver)

Light Bulb (silver)

Lock (regular and heart shaped, silver, gold, copper, bronze)

Lucky Penny (ask for your special year)

Martini (silver)

Monopoly Pieces (vintage, silver)

Moon (silver)

Nana (silver, printed on heart charm)

Oregon State Charm (one available)

Owl (assorted styles and sizes, gold and silver)

Palm Tree (Silver)

Pet Pawprints on heart (silver, dog or cat)

Peace Sign (silver)

Perfume Bottle (assorted colors - beautiful vintage look)

Pink Ribbon (breast cancer awareness)

Pistol (silver)  Crossed pistols (gold)

Postcard (vintage look, says "I love you", antique silver or antique gold)

Pug (silver)

Puzzle Piece (Autism, silver)

Quarters - cut out with hearts, crosses and stars

Registered Nurse (silver)

Running Shoe (silver, very detailed)

Robot (large, silver)

Rose (gold)

Shamrock (silver)

Smiley Stone Skulls (white, yellow, orange, green, purple, turquoise, pink, red)

Snowflakes (large and small, silver)

Soccer Ball (silver)

Star (assorted styles in gold and silver)

Sword (tiny, silver)

Sun with face (silver)

Tiara (silver)

Tiger (silver, head)

Tiger Paw Print (silver and blue)

Tree (silver, gold)

Train (silver)

Turtle (silver)

Unicorn (silver - large)

Vintage Keys (skeleton, barrel, assorted sizes)

Virginia State Charm (one available)

Volleyball (silver)

Washington State Charm (one available)

Wheelbarrow (one available, antique gold)

Wisdom (printed on silver ring, great teacher gift)

Wonder Woman (words printed on silver charm)




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