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Free Chalkboard Printable

This might be one of the most exhausting weeks I've been through since the fire.  It's amazing what stress can do to your body!  I'm not quite ready to blog about what we've been up to.  It's all good and I look forward to sharing in due time...but in the meantime I want to share this free printable, inspired by a Facebook post made by my friend Karl (another fire survivor).  I had never even heard of Dag Hammarskjöld until Karl made his post, and ever since I read it a week or so ago, I've been repeating it in my head over and over.  It's so fitting for my life right now, and I thought I'd share it in case it is fitting for your life, too.  


The first thing I did was get my picture frame ready.  I had a $2 5x7" frame from the thrift store, but you can use any frame you want. The frame was nice, but not for this project. Of course, since I am crazed about chalk paint and the color gray right now (more on that here), I got to work painting it.   Here's what it looked like before chalk paint:

Next, I got to work designing my printable.  Here's how it turned out (below).  It's just a simple, fun print.  You can download the printable  PDF file here, and print one for yourself!  I printed mine on cardstock and used the highest quality color print setting.  I have a cheap after-the-fire printer, and it came out great!  This is a 5x7" print, by the way.

Then I just popped it in my frame and put it up on a shelf...right next to our "It's a Wonderful Life" Building & Loan Christmas ornament that we found in our ashes after the fire.  LOVE that movie, and this burned ornament will be out year-round!  You can also catch a glimpse of my $5 clock in the upper right hand side of the photo. :)

I took this photo at night, so it's a bit dark...but I am loving this little corner. It's a good reminder to keep a thankful heart at all embrace change.




P.S. If you like it, please share! :)

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