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Bulk orders are available for your band, organization, or event.  Message me with your special request.

Baby Shower Favor Turned Necklace
20 little sweet!

Party Favors - click to enlarge




Cheating Daylight Band - click images to enlarge, and click here to check out the band! 

Event Poster
Cheating Daylight Special Event
Distressed Leather Cuff in Pale Pink
Stamped and Distressed Leather Cuffs
Upcycled Guitar String Bracelets
Metal Stamped Guitar Pick Necklaces
Upcycled Guitar String Rings
Zipper Pulls
Cheating Daylight Lyrics
Distressed Key Necklaces
Leather Cuffs
Lyric Necklaces
Leather Cuffs
Logo Leather Cuffs
CD Cover Necklaces
Upcycled Denim Logo Bag
Printed Leather Cuffs
Logo Patch
Thank you postcard - back side
Guitar Pick Necklaces
Thank you postcard - front side
Upcycled Denim Logo Bag
Stamped and Distressed Leather Cuffs
Cheating Daylight
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