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Homeade Peanut Butter!

Guess what?  Mr. TBG and I made peanut butter!  It's SO easy!  I promise, once you make will never buy it again!  I grew up on all-natural peanut butter, which I love...but when you buy it at the store, it comes with a layer of oil at the top, and you have to mix it...and mix it...and mix it...before you can use it.  It always makes a huge mess and if you don't mix it well enough, half of it is too oily and the other half is too dry.  This homeade version requires no added oil, no mixing, and it is delicious!


Here's what you need:

  • Honey roasted peanuts (the "honey roasted" part is the key to making this the best peanut butter you've ever tasted!).  I ordered our nuts from because this was a last minute rush before Christmas, and they shipped in two days.  They are great quality, but you may want to search for non-GMO or organic nuts.

  • Food processor 


Yep....that's it! That's all you need!

After experimenting a bit, we found that you need to use twice as many peanuts as you want peanut butter.  That means that if you want 2 cups of peanut butter, you should use 4 cups of peanuts.  There are about 2 cups in a pound of peanuts (good to know if you are ordering online).  So figure out how much peanut butter you want, put the peanuts in your food processor, turn it on, and wait a few minutes.

My sis gave me this Cuisinart food processor after we lost everythingin the Valley Fire, and it works great!  After a few minutes, your peanuts will start to "clump".

You actually want your peanut butter to be smoother than the photo above, so keep the processor going until you get a consistency that looks more like this:

And that's it!  Just scoop it up into a jar or another container, and you're all set!  We gave this for holiday gifts, so I purchased these wide-mouthed Mason jars on Amazon (my dad is a peanut-freak, so he got the big one!).   Everything I've read says that you should regfrigerate your peanut butter and use it within 2 weeks.  If you decide to ty this out, and you find organic peanuts, please let me know - I'd love to use those next time.

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