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$5 Coffee Sack Dog Bed

Life at the lake (at our rental) was fun, but it got really, really smelly.  Clearlake tends to get that way in the hot weather, and we had lots of algae right in our front yard. Molly loved the water and let me tell you, she started smelling just like the algae - she stunk to high heaven at the time of our move!  Everything she touched did, too.  When we moved to our new house, I let her have her dog bed in the house for just a few days (couldn't take it away from her since this is her 5th home since the fire) but then I couldn't stand it any more.  I looked for a new bed and couldn't find anything that would work, so here's what I did for her instead:

I had an extra coffee sack left over from my dining room chair makeover (I will post that project soon!).  You can find coffee sacks pretty cheap on Ebay or Etsy. I purchased a lot of 5 for $25. This one had already been cut at one end.  I wish that it had been opened up at the seam, but figured it would do.  I also had some leftover foam, which I used for my Mop Bucket Ottoman:

I hear it is easiest to cut the foam with an electric knife, but I don't have I use a "sawing" motion with a regular bread knife.  I cut two layers that were slightly smaller than the coffee sack.  If you don't have any foam, you can purchase it at JoAnns Fabrics or lots of other places online.  I also think that you could use one of the dog bed inserts for this project! I am pretty sure they would fit perfectly.

Then all you have to do is put the foam inside the sack!   I didn't even sew it closed, I just put the cut side on the bottom.  Molly approves - she's been there all afternoon - although she is giving me one of those "Mom, really, another photo?" looks. :)

You can also find a project post for the "Love You More" bucket that's sitting beside her here.

Have fun creating - 


P.S. If you like it, please share! And post a pic of your doggy if you make one! :)

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