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I'm a mom and marketing director at at small credit union in Northern California. I love my job, and I love being a mom.  I also have a passion for creating.


When I'm not wearing my marketing hat or hauling guitars around the country for my boys, I find relaxation and solitude in my little shop. Sewing, crafting, painting, graphic design, interior design...all provide the outlet I crave.


In January 2014, I made a New Year's resolution to explore the world of Etsy, and found myself creating a brand.  Jag Cag Design is inspired by my two boys, Jacob Andrew Gill & Connor Alexander Gill - JAG & CAG. Proceeds from my shop help fund JAG's college education at UC Berkeley, and CAG's college education, too - he graduated a year early and is attending Berkeley City College.


People ask me how I have the time.  My answer? I have a wonderful support team. JAG & CAG help when I need things created with specialized tools in Papa's shop (my dad). Granny & Grandma are always treasure hunting for sister is on a vintage zipper quest...and friends & neighbors surprise me with the sweetest finds.  My husband, Mr. TBG, makes sure that dinner gets on the table while I spend most evenings hammering & sewing. It's a team effort; my heart is full of gratitude.


On September 12th, 2015, our family lost everything to the Northern CA Valley Fire.  This fire was deemed a federal disaster, and took the homes of over 1,500 of our fellow community members.  We have been blessed with continued support from family & friends, and not long after the fire I was able to open shop once again.  Unfortunately, we were unable to rebuild or beloved "tree house" on Evergreen Drive,  but we did, quite serendipitously, find another place to call home - you can read all about that here.


I'm grateful you stopped by!  I'd love to make something just for you.


 <3 Jamey

"There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things.  Isn't that the point ? " Pam Beasely, The Office


On the Red Carpet with Cheating Daylight 

2013 Malibu Music Awards 


Life on the road

Working in

Papa's shop

The Fairy Grandmothers

A birthday present

from my sweet  sister -

68 vintage zippers!

Brothers and best friends

Our beautiful Molly

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